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PvPGN Test Server

(download gateway installer)


[17 Jan 2019]

New service is available for public. And nothing prevents from launching own hosted instance

There are only two methods now, and I hope they will be increased in the future. You can send pull requests with new features which related to pvpgn and can be useful for others

First app I made using the API is Diablo 2 Character Editor. This is only an example and it does not support full character editing features like moving items in inventory (but it's allowed by API).
Sure its possible to use the API for automation such things for very different purposes that you can imagine.

API method /d2char can be used as a better replacement of old

[15 July 2018]

New release PvPGN

[11 May 2018]

Release of new stable version PvPGN

[28 Mar 2018]

Recently we split github repository on two branches: master and develop.
First branch should always contain stable code base, and the second has the latest changes in development stage.

Automated Binaries for Windows from both branches are available to download at the top of the page in menu "Download PvPGN".

Also a feature to choose branch was added in Magic Builder.

Select branch in Magic Builder

[2 Feb 2017]

Start to debugging and developing PvPGN in Visual Studio has never been easier than now!

You have to perform very simple steps:
  1. Download and install Visual Studio
  2. Download PvPGN Magic Builder, run build_pvpgn.bat and then build_pvpgn_dev.bat
  3. Open just created pvpgn.sln, select bnetd as StartUp Project and press F5
To connect to a local server use Gateway Installer and your favorite game client.

[25 Jan 2017]

The website and forums are secured with HTTPS.

[1 Jan 2017]

Hello, PvPGN user!, where you could be registered, was moved to yesterday.
It's the new updated official place for the PvPGN community and other great minds.

There are two language sections are available: on English and Russian.
Besides PvPGN support, the goal is to keep together all people who are interested in research and development of Blizzard games.

Welcome back!

[23 Nov 2016]

PvPGN Windows Builds of the latest commit are available in AppVeyour.
It uses Magic Builder to create each archive with build files automatically.

[11 Sep 2016]

Release of a new stable version PvPGN

[18 Aug 2016]

We are looking for a developer who can write a bot which purpose is to make test coverage of basic PvPGN features: It should be expandable with a simple API, so anyone can easily add new tests.

The following libraries are suitable to take as a basis for bot: (PHP) (.NET)

Another part is IRC bot to emulate interaction of WWoL game clients.
It can be based on (JS/Lua) or one of many other similar IRC bot projects.

Let us know if you can start this project.
It will really help us to find possible bugs and improve PvPGN performance.

[1 Feb 2015]

Hello, my friend, stay awhile and listen!

There is test server is running with the latest PvPGN-PRO build.


Download gateway installer

Last months development was freezed, because current version is not stable. Many people said that it crashes often and randomly. We need testers who may exhibit normal activity (play and use any commands there). Then crash dumps will be explored to fix any problems that causes a crash. And don't forget report any bugs that you found!

You can connect there with any supported client, including Diablo 2, IRC or bot(telnet) login. Let's make PvPGN software better together!

Deleaker helps us find leaks.